Over $ 1 billion in jackpot: Mega Moolah in pole position.

Logo Mega Moolah Slot Machine.

Microgaming, a leader in online casino software, is no stranger to records. But the one announced in this article left everyone speechless. According to the company itself, through its web casino network, Microgaming has paid its players jackpots totaling over € 716 million and if you add this amount to the billions paid in the […]

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The pandemic has changed online gaming

The betting and gambling industry is also not immune to the effects of COVID19. All sports leagues in the world have come to a halt, suspending the entire spectrum of betting activities. The Olympics have also been postponed. Many land-based casinos have been closed. Even those that work offer limited access. Crisis on several fronts […]

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22 millions with Powerball: but can you win this sum at the casino?

Winners of Powerball lottery.

Winning at the casino as well as the lottery is possible! ‘A handshake is a handshake’ Friends split the $ 22 million Powerball jackpot, honoring a years-old agreement. But why wait thirty years instead of immediately trying to win at the online casino? When Tom Cook and Joe Feeney agreed to split their future lottery […]

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